Gozo Deli Organic Vegan Cheese Launches at Whole Foods

Last week we launched at Whole Foods! Find the Gozo Deli Organic Casheese range in Clapham Junction, Fulham, Giffnock, Kensington High Street, Piccadilly,  Richmond and Stoke Newington stores. 

We kicked off our Whole Foods launch with a busy afternoon of in-store tastings at the Piccadilly branch. There will be more sampling to come at Whole Foods, as well as Planet Organic, in the coming weeks. See below for dates...... You can also find us in Selfridges on 21st June, 12:30-3:30pm

Whole Foods:

24th June 12-3pm at the Clapham Junction store. 

27th June at the High Street Kensington store

29th June 12-3pm at the Richmond store. 

Planet Organic:

25th June 11-2pm at the Torrington Place store. 

27th June 3-6pm at the Islington store. 



MUNCHIES Article about Gozo Deli

Amber Price wrote a behind-the-scenes article about Gozo Casheese for MUNCHIES magazine in May. Read the wonderful article to see how Gozo Deli began and take a peek in our production kitchen to see how our vegan and dairy-free cheese is created with cashew nuts. 

Reviews of Gozo Casheese: a Vegan Cheese Alternative

We're overwhelmed by all of the positive reviews we receive from those that try our Casheese and love reading what you have to say about it. 

Gozo featured in Malin Nilsson's monthly favourites. She's a big fan of our Basil Pesto Casheese - watch her video review here

Caffrin C wrote a lovely review and also ran a free giveaway with the chance to win three jars of our cashew cheese.

'I tried out each flavour on a cracker, so I could really appreciate their individual taste and as it turned out, I loved them all!'

Another great review from vegan blogger Ingrid Reigstad
The creamy consistency is amazing and they really taste like normal cream cheese.' 

Plant-based blogger Iris Cohen wrote:
My favourite Casheese is the creamy Chive, an amazing soy free product that easily outshines the local supermarket cheese!'

Gozo Casheese featured in Natalie Tamara's blog The Tofu Diaries!

The texture is creamy and spreads easily onto crackers. My favourite flavour had to be the smoked paprika, which went down a treat with oatcake crackers...'

Cruelty-free and vegan blogger Morag Lee also wrote a lovely review about our vegan cheese on her blog Mo'adore

'The texture is very creamy, but easy to spread all the same. On top of that the flavours are just at that perfect balance and honestly I think these are better than some of the dairy cream cheeses I used to eat.'

Fitness fanatic and gluten-free blogger Beth Heddle loves Gozo Chive Casheese and Smoked Paprika Casheese.

'Both jars are to be used within 10 days, but honestly I'm not sure why it would last that long!'