Veganism is growing. Whether for environmental, ethical or health reasons, over half UK adults are described as ‘plant-curious’ and a quarter are cutting back on dairy.

When Lydia became vegan at the tender age of 16, she could only find dairy-free cheese that was highly processed, containing thickening agents, soya and added sugar. Little has changed since.

That’s why Lydia created Casheese: a revolutionary plant-based cream cheese made from cashews. What makes her award-winning Casheese so special?
Like traditional cheese, Casheese is cultured to give a tangy, savoury taste.  It is made using only natural ingredients and the whole cashew nut, packed with omega oils and essential minerals. Most importantly, Casheese tastes delicious.

Lydia is passionate about revolutionising plant-based cheese, creating a truly tasty alternative to dairy for everyone. It’s been an ambitious journey, taking three years to find the right production partner so that more people can enjoy Casheese. But overwhelming praise and support from loyal customers has helped Lydia to persist with her dream.

Gozo Casheese will be available in all good stores in 2019.